Quality Assurance International - Certified Organic labelA USDA Organic certification speaks to many elements of your product and company. It shows a commitment to high ingredient standards, responsible farming, and a concern for your customer’s well-being.

Triple H Food Processors is proud to offer USDA Organic certified processing so that you can affix the well-recognized USDA Organic label to your products.


Kosher Supervision of Authority - kosher certificationAlthough originally intended for the small, Jewish consumer base, the Kosher labels have evolved to represent quality and health in today’s food marketplace. Triple H Food Processors received their first kosher certification in 2005 and are proud to have continued that tradition every year since.

If kosher certified food processing is important to your customers, Triple H should be important to you.

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We needed a unique bottle shape and they had no issues. Provided seamless solutions the whole way through. Thank you Triple H!

Amanda Seyfried
VP - Product Mgmt.


More than 1.6 billion people identify as Muslims around the world and that figure is a growing population in the United States. As time goes on, Halal certification for your food product can be a significant increase in sales and reputation.

Triple H Foods achieved their first Halal approval in 2017 and look forward to continuing this service in the years to come. They are proud to deliver products and services to an expanding demographic.


The company which originally started the BRC Global Standards was founded more than 20 years ago. The goal was to improve and synchronize food safety standards across the European supply chain.

To further that goal, the company was recently acquired by LGC Group which is the leading international life sciences measurement and testing company.

Your compliance with BRC standards opens new opportunities and markets.


As the most recognizable name in food regulation, Triple H Foods is proud to deliver the high standards and level of quality expected with our FDA certification.

We know your product quality and the impression it makes with your customer is vital to your success. Our certification goes back many years so we are very familiar with the necessary steps to deliver your food or beverage product in safe, compliant packaging.

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